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PSA: This Cookie Spoon Is the Perfect Gift For Oreo Lovers

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Remember that viral Oreo Dunking Set we reported on last holiday season (and the one before that)? We haven’t been shy about how much we love the handy little kit. At one point, we suggested that the inventor of said dunking set should receive a raise and, potentially, a Nobel Peace Prize. While we stand by our original opinion, we’re delighted to bring you this news: A new, sleeker version exists and you can buy a set of four for only $11.99. 

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Buy it! The Grommet, $11.99 (for a set of four)

The hook-shaped DipR, which was invented by cookie-loving couple Robert and Julie Haleluk, allows you to dunk the sandwich cookie of your choosing in a glass of milk without the mess.

The cookie spoon is “a new type of utensil allowing you to dunk your sandwich cookie in milk, or any other liquid, by cradling the cream,” according to the product description on

Still not sold? The reviews speak for themselves: “The cookie dipper not only works great for all sandwich style cookies (yes, even Oreo Thins), it makes a fun gift,” raves one 5-star reviewer. “Everyone who loves cookies dunked in milk needs one!”

“With the [DipR], my fingers don't get all gooey and I can get the Oreo into my mouth without it plopping into my glass of milk,” according to another. “Such a fun little device for enjoying the best snack ever!”

The DipR apparently comes in five colors, but the only ones that aren’t sold out are red and green—which makes them perfect for holiday gift-giving.  

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