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Pizza Hut Made A Weighted Blanket That Looks Like A Pan Pizza So You Can Smother Yourself In Melty Cheese

Nothing helps you get a good night’s rest like a full stomach and snuggling up under some warm blankets. Pizza Hut wants to provide you with both of those things and teamed up with Gravity Blanket to make a weighted blanket that looks just like your favorite pizza.
Inspired by the popularity of the Original Pan Pizza, Pizza Hut is now selling an Original Pan Weighted Blanket that is made using Gravity Blanket’s tested technology. According to the Gravity Blanket website, each of their products “[utilizes] the power of weight to relax your nervous system.” This in turn allows people to achieve deeper sleep which can help improve physical health, cognitive performance, and emotional well being.

The Original Pan Weighted Blanket
At 15 pounds, the Original Pan Pizza blanket. is meant to have that same therapeutic power through pressure stimulation, and instead of looking like any other throw blanket you probably already have around your house, it looks like a luxurious pizza pie. At 72 inches in diameter, the blanket is big enough to keep you warm and feel totally surrounded by the comforting weight.
You can order the Original Pan Weighted Blanket at for $150, which is about a 25 percent savings from the traditional Gravity Blankets. You’ll likely want to snuggle up with some actual pizza once you receive it too, so make sure you do so through Pizza Hut’s site for contactless delivery straight to your door. It’s officially acceptable for every night to be pizza night, if you ask me.

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