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Mindy Kaling Tasted All of the Crazy Oreo Flavors and Picked a Clear Winner

March 6 marked National Oreo Day, and this year Mindy Kaling went all out in her celebration. The actress took to her Instagram stories to document a taste test of six different Oreo flavors, giving her honest opinion and ranking of each cookie. Never one to mince words, her reviews were hilarious.

The out-of-the-ordinary flavors Kaling tested were birthday cake, mint, lemon, chocolate peanut butter pie, red velvet and the Most Stuf, in that order, which she washed down with a Cookie Monster mug full of milk. With her daughter, Katherine, giggling and playing with pots and pans in the background, the entire review is as cute as you can imagine.

Since it’s #NationalOreoDay… naturally I had to do a taste test of the most interesting flavors. Check it out on my stories now!! #NotSpons #JustAFan @oreo

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Starting with the birthday cake Oreo, she remarks, “At first blush, when you open up the package…real pungent smell.” She describes it as having “good crunch” with a super sweet cream. She ranks it a 3/10, writing “meh” for her final thoughts.

Round two was the mint Oreo, which she is wary of since she’s “not the biggest mint-head.” When she opens the cookie up, however, she is very impressed by the contrast between the green icing and the brown cookie. “If this was a dress I’d be very into it,” she jokes. She ranks it a 5/10, saying it has “Thin Mint vibes,” and warning the Girl Scouts that Oreo may be coming for them.

Next on tap was the lemon Oreo, which she calls “real classy—the kind you would have if your grandmother came over.” She ranks it a 4/10, saying that she wishes it tasted as lemony as it smells.

The chocolate peanut butter pie Oreo was a real hit up next, coming in at 8/10 and receiving a “woah,” from Kaling. She also calls the inside of the cookie “beautiful” for its colorful half chocolate and half peanut butter cream.

Next is red velvet, which she describes as “classic, feminine, girly, red-ish.” She is pleasantly surprised to find out the cream tastes like cream cheese frosting. She ranks it a 6/10, saying that she’s “not not a fan.”

Last but not least were the colossal Most Stuf Oreos, which she says her friend and The Office co-star BJ Novak told her about. Kaling says she had to order them online specifically for the taste test. She falls immediately in love with the cookies, saying, “it’s like cream with a hint of cookie, which is exactly how I like my cookies…truly decadent.” The Most Stufs won the competition, garnering a full 10/10.

A self-proclaimed “cookie-head” with a major sweet tooth, Kaling is an inspiration to Oreo-lovers everywhere. We can’t think of a better way to spend the holiday.

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