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Michelob Ultra Puts Fruit in Ultra-Light Beer

Though you’re probably wearing at least a light jacket right now, spring is (technically) in the air. That means it’s officially ok to drink alcoholic beverage with fruits in them again. And with more consumers shunning straight-up beer and shifting their preferences towards other sorts of alcoholic beverages, this year promises a plethora of new products that present a lighter take on beer with the help of flavors fit for warm weather. 

Fittingly, the newest entry into that category will be Michelob Ultra’s Infusions line. The lightest of light beers will be infused with the taste of lime & prickly pear (though hopefully none of the prickly texture) in order to offer light, summertime sipping. 

This new spin on Michelob Ultra seems like the perfect distillation of the latest trends in both taste and nutrition. The addition of fruit gives Michelob Ultra a chance to cash in the shift towards spritzes, spiked seltzers, and other fruity alcoholic drinks that replicate the experience of drinking from a bottle or can without any of the beery baggage that’s increasingly out of vogue.

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 Michelob Ultra has an added advantage over those competitors in that it’s already regarded as something of a keto-friendly beer, thanks to its astoundingly low 2.6 grams of carbohydrates and 95 calories. The addition of fruit bumps the carb count up to five, but that’s still a pretty efficient delivery of 4.0% alcohol compared to what you’d find in your average beer. 

This first Infusions flavor should be hitting store shelves in the weeks ahead. From the sound of it, there’s probably an additional “pomegranate & agave” flavor infusion set to follow suit sometime thereafter. That’s not necessarily the most obvious fruit pairing, but still seems like a better idea than trying to make coconut-flavored light beer happen.

There’s one pressing question when it comes to this fruity take on Michelob Ultra: at one point does a beer cease to be a beer and cross over into a different realm entirely? The answer is likely subjective, but you can bet that a lot of people will spend their spring and summer trying to figure that one out.


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