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McDonald’s Is Offering Free Fries Every Friday Through June And The Deal Is So Easy To Claim

Potatoes are beautiful in all of their forms—mashed, au gratin, hashbrowns—but there’s nothing that comes close to French fries. And when it comes to fast food French fries, no one does it like McDonald’s. Mickey D’s knows what people want and loves to offer killer promos to their fans every so often, and now they’re giving out free fries through June.
The promotion, cleverly known as the “Fry Day” deal, gives customers a free order of fries every Friday with a minimum $1 purchase. That means you can buy a shake, a burger, or even extra fries to go with your free ones. All you have to do to claim the freebie is have the McDonald’s app downloaded on your phone if you don’t already. Keep in mind that if you’re a new member you’ll get a free fry offer upon registration, so there are definitely enough fries to go around.
Unlike most deals this good, McDonald’s Fry Days are going to last for a few months and you can grab them every Friday through June 27, 2021. All of that is to say, you can celebrate the end of the work week every single week with some fried potatoes—which is all you could really ask for these days. It’s the little things, ya know? So go ahead and clear up some space on your smartphone (delete all those old pictures you have still saved) and download the McDonald’s app. Easy enough!

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