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Le Creuset Has A New ‘Cosmos’ Collection That Resembles The Night Sky

Le Creuset 7.25 Quart Round Oven
The most calming Le Creuset collection just dropped and it’s a deep blue-black color that resembles the night sky. As with every new drop, the pieces are hard to resist. This one, however, will make you feel like you’re dining under the stars. Who wouldn’t want that?
From the brand’s signature Dutch oven to french press, a range of kitchenware is available in the new mesmerizing color. You can get a braiser, roaster, square dish, rectangular casserole dish with a cover, and more. The pieces feature silver stainless steel hardware and a tan interior–the perfect contrasts to the rich, dark blue exterior. Plus, the tan interior allows for easy monitoring of cooking progress. Oh and as with Le Creuset’s other collections, the cookware is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

You can buy pieces from the Cosmos collection on Le Creuset’s website and from Bloomingdale’s. The prices range from $18 for a mug to $400 for a more than 7-quart dutch oven. Take your pick!
The collection expands the brand’s soothing kitchenware options that includes a deep teal jewel tone, stone, and fig–all brilliant colors to cook with during cooler months. Can you imagine whipping up your favorite, warm meal in one of these and eating it by the fire? That’s the best way to spend any fall evening, hands down. Take this new color drop as a sign that it’s time to upgrade your sad, uninviting cookware.

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