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I Tried Made In's Top-Rated Sheet Pans, and I'm Never Going Back To My Old Pans

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Have you heard of Made In? It's the cookware company that's bringing chef-quality products to home cooks across the country. The brand has developed somewhat of a cult-following, and for good reason. Made In cuts out the middle men (i.e. resellers, distributors, or retailers) so they can invest more money into sourcing premium materials and working with the best manufacturers to provide direct-to-consumer products.

I've already raved over their best-selling nonstick pan, and I've once again been won over by a Made In product: This time it's their fan-favorite sheet pans. With over 4,500 five-star reviews, it's safe to say people are pleased with these pans.

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Made In Sheet Pan

To buy: Made In Sheet Pan, $19-$25;

One enthusiastic reviewer says, "We've had our sheet pans for YEARS. The reason—we couldn't find suitable replacements. We tried these, the small and the large. Perfect! I love them so much that I ordered a second set—one for each oven. I'll probably order a set for my daughter. Get one before they sell out again."

These sheet pans come in two different sizes: A 1/4 sheet ($19; Made In) and a 1/2 sheet ($25; Made In). I have both, and I can honestly say they're the only ones I've reached for since adding them to my collection.

The 1/4 sheet is perfect for serving one to two people, or for quickly reheating an individual portion. But if you're going to go for just one, I'd recommend the 1/2 sheet because it's the perfect catch-all size. Use it to reheat leftovers, make an entire family-sized sheet pan dinner, or even freeze leftovers and/or fruits and veggies.

Naturally, I broke in the sheet pans by baking chocolate-chip cookies, and found that the light-colored aluminum prevented the cookies from over baking.

The beauty of the Made In sheet pan is it combines durability with lightweight aluminum. It was designed with the help of Chef Matt Horn for use in his new restaurant, Horn Barbecue. So you can be certain this pan was made for constant use. The commercial-grade 3004 aluminum with 18-gauge thickness gives you quick and even heating, just like you need in a Michelin-starred restaurant—many of which use Made In cookware.

One of my favorite features of the pan is its wide rim that keeps my crowded sheet pan meals from spilling over. This also gives you the flexibility to cook everything from saucy meats to thick, gooey brownies to slab pies, all with the same pan. Plus, this American-made pan can withstand up to 450°F, and it's freezer safe—no warping here!

Like many Made In products, you'll want to snag these sheet pans while they're still in stock. Otherwise, you could be waiting weeks or even months to get your hands on these affordable pans. Don't wait.

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