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Chipotle Just Shared How to Make Their Rice on TikTok


Though it’s a little hard to keep up with who the heck owns TikTok and/or what’s going to happen with the app, the good news is that it’s still one of the best repositories of food-related ideas and inspiration on social media. 

There are plenty of homemade kitchen hacks covering every conceivable situation, but even brands are now using TikTok as a platform to connect with their hungry fans and even share the secrets behind their most popular menu items.

For the latest such example, we turn to Chipotle, who’s shared their white rice recipe in a way that’s just as useful and informative as it is quirky and creepy. 

There’s definitely more to assembling Chipotle’s take on white rice than simply dumping a bunch of the grain into a pot of boiling water, but that’s where things start. It’s a fairly mandatory step in the rice preparation process, even for beloved burrito chains. The real zesty twist comes from the next step, which involves combining cilantro with a whole bunch of lime juice. Finally, combine that delightful lime juice-cilantro combination with the cooked white rice and add salt to taste. That’s really it.

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Similar to their goofy take on preparing corn salsa, Chipotle makes this little peek behind the culinary curtain stranger through the use of significant voice modulation. I don’t know how David Lynch makes his rice, but I imagine this is pretty close to what he hears in his head while he makes it.

So if you’re looking for ways to step up your rice cooking game or just bring a little taste of Chipotle into your own kitchen, listen to the off-key voice modulations telling you what to do. Maybe next time someone talking backwards will show us how to make their Carnitas. 

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