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Cheetos Double Cheddar Egg Puffs Are Here in Time for Easter

Somebody should probably check on Chester Cheetah—he seems to be in the midst of a very public breakdown.  

Just a few weeks ago he unexpectedly dropped a diss track aimed at Doritos after the chip brand encroached on Cheetos’ Flamin’ Hot territory. The rap was, as the kids say these days, “fire.” But it was uncharacteristically brazen for the usually amiable jungle cat.

A more recent example of his apparent instability is pictured here, on the Easter-themed Cheetos Double Cheddar Egg Puffs packaging.

Chester is seen wildly bursting out of an egg with a crazed look on his face, while haphazardly wielding a snack cracker in one hand and a block of cheese in the other. It would be irresponsible not to mention the bunny ears, but I suppose that could be chalked up to good old fashioned Easter cheer.

While we’re concerned about Chester—and he is, as always, in our thoughts—we’re also pretty excited about the Cheeto Egg Puffs.

Each “egg” is two times cheesier than regular Cheetos puffs, according to the bag. The description also boasts that the snack is packed with “bold, cheesy flavor made with a light and airy texture.”

The Easter-themed puffs are available now at Target.

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