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Aldi Is Bringing Back Their Bottled Mimosas—and They Now Come in a Pineapple Flavor

Hosting Easter brunch? We’ve got the scoop on how to kick it up a notch. Aldi is bringing back their bottled mimosas for the second year in a row, and this year they’re spicing them up with a new flavor—pineapple.

As POPSUGAR first reported, the grocery chain’s premade mimosas come in 750 milliliter bottles, ready to pull out of the fridge and pour into your glass—perfect for when you’re too lazy to mix the champagne and OJ yourself.

Each bottle is packed with freshly-squeezed juice, and has eight percent alcohol by volume. And at $8.99 a bottle, it’s way cheaper than going out for brunch.

Last year’s standard orange juice mimosas were met with significant acclaim, so it seemed only right that Aldi would go one step further this year with a pineapple twist.

While the orange mimosa will be available at Aldi stores nationwide on April 2, you’ll have to wait a day later, on April 3, for the pineapple mimosas to hit shelves.

So although Easter brunch is a great reason to break out the bubbly, there’s no reason you can’t start a little early. Embrace the warmer weather and bring a bottle to a picnic, backyard BBQ, birthday party…or any other reason to celebrate.

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