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A Fast Food Chain Is Selling French Fry-Scented Soap

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly-made French fries emerging from a deep fryer to let you know that you’re in a fast food restaurant. The greasy texture and the oily scent can then sometimes linger for hours on your fingers, serving as a pungent reminder of the meal that was. But what if instead of making you (feel) dirty, fries could actually play a role in cleaning up?

That’s what Del Taco’s offering its customers for a limited time. In an effort to promote their Fresh Faves box meals, they’ve created “Eau de French Fry,” which they bill as a lightly fry-scented soap. According to the limited edition hygiene product’s packaging, Eau de French Fry “will make you smell as exquisite as the world-famous fries we include in every Fresh Faves Box Meal” and is “brought to you by the hardest working hands in fast food.”

The promotional effort was made available this week to Del Taco fans who tagged the brand in a photo of their Fresh Faves Box. But if you’re the kind of person who’s too proud to let your Instagram followers know you’re willing to create promotional content for a fast food brand in order to get free soap, you can pay $3.95 for a bar at Del Taco’s webstore. There you’ll also find clothing and packets of hot sauce that may or may not keep you alive if you’re stranded in your car for five days.

For those who don’t live in one of the 14 states with a Del Taco location, the idea that an ostensibly Mexican-themed restaurant even sells French fries in the first place probably registers as odd. But to Del Taco CMO Barry Westrum, making fry-scented soap is a celebration of the chain’s 50-year history of serving up the fast food staple.

“We’ve seen fantastic engagement when offering whimsical and timely products that have a fun tie-in with product launches,” Westrum told USA Today. “Obviously, we’re looking forward to ‘freshening up’ the fast food value box category in more ways than one! [sic]”

Naturally, this soap is something of a limited-time offering, but it’s far from the only recent instance of companies trying to make products smell like food. KFC’s introduced bath bombs, Jimmy Dean wanted your Christmas gifts to smell like sausage, and even Yankee Candle is giving us the chance to breathe in the scents of brunch. If there’s a way to market a product through appeals to our sense of smell, it’ll happen.

So for now, go to Del Taco, get your hands greasy, and wash them with some fry soap. There’s no tastier way to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. Just don’t bite off your delicious-smelling fingers.


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