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Will Americans Like Cinnamon Coke?

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For an established brand with well over 100 years of history, Coca-Cola seems very willing to try out new flavors these days. From relatively classic Cherry Coke to some of their odder experiments with flavors like Georgia peach, soda machines at fast food restaurants all across the United States feature an overwhelming plethora of Coke spinoffs. Now, an unexpected and inexplicably popular flavor from the UK seems like it will be making its stateside debut sometime soon. 

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According to the Instagram account Candy Hunting, Coca-Cola is preparing to bring UK favorite Cinnamon Coke across the pond, just in time for the holiday season. A 2018 press release announcing the debut of Cinnamon Coke in the UK, the beverage is “bursting full of warming flavours and is guaranteed to get you into the festive spirit as we head into the Christmas season.” 


Confirmed! Cinnamon Coca-Cola will be out this winter in the US! This flavor debuted as a Zero Coke variant in the UK last winter. And a fun fact: Cola is a mix between citrus and brown spice flavors. Coca-Cola leans more toward the spice side and Pepsi leans more toward citrus. Adding extra cinnamon flavor will kick up that brown spice an extra notch.

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Depending on your perspective, a cinnamon soda might seem either redundant or gross. Maybe you even tried and hated Pepsi Fire, the Coca-Cola competitor’s short-lived attempt at a cinnamon soda of their own. But there’s a specific reason it seems to work with Coke. According to the Instagram post, cola is a combination of citrus and brown spice flavors. Whereas Pepsi errs on the citrus side, Coca-Cola (the standard edition) leans into the brown spice. As such, an extra dash of cinnamon seems to enhance the soda’s dominant flavors instead of contradicting them. 

In any event, the limited-edition Coke Zero apparently sold well enough in the UK in 2018 to justify bringing it to the US, though it looks like it may be available as regular Coca-Cola either instead of or in addition to the low-calorie option. It will presumably be available sometime this fall through the Christmas season. At the very least, this interesting concoction should be an easy way to spice up the cocktails at your Christmas party without really trying.

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