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Why You Should Make Sweet Tea in Your Instant Pot

Sweet Tea on Table Cloth

We're Southerners. We don't like being told we're making our sweet tea totally wrong.

While we hate to be the bearers of bad news: We're making our sweet tea totally wrong. You may have never considered your Instant Pot an ally in the beverage department, but the handy machine brews a stellar batch of sweet tea.

As The Kitchn recently revealed, brewing your sweet tea in this common household appliance is indeed a superior way to make the Southern staple.

"Sweet tea is so simple, right? Boil water, steep tea, add sugar — you hardly need a gadget to do it," comments writer Meghan Splawn, then noting her skepticism of using the Instant Pot. Boy, was she mistaken. "The Instant Pot boils the water and extracts the flavor faster, making the tea stronger but less bitter," she quickly discovered after making a batch. She hasn't looked back since and kindly shared her recipe for making Instant Pot iced tea in the article as well.

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Well, we guess we'll have to invite some loved ones over for a porch session tonight and test out this unique brewing method for ourselves. Report back, friends.

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