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Trainer Puts Up Flyers Telling Restaurants Not to Serve His Client, and It Worked


Everyone has their own approach to weight loss. Some throw themselves into a fitness routine, while others latch onto fad diets. A growing number of wise people realize that the pressure to lose weight is usually a social construct they don’t need to orient their life around. No matter how you feel about weight loss, though, you have to respect the creativity of one personal trainer’s scheme to get his client to shed some significant pounds. 

In an effort to help his client Darren McClintock, UK personal trainer Mike Hind put up flyers in local takeaway joints and fast food restaurants. According to the Mirror, the fliers implored the eateries not to serve the 27-year-old, 560-pound McClintock, as “obesity is killing him.” It sure seemed like a desperate and rather public ploy, but with McClintock consuming about 11,000 calories per day and dealing with heart problems that’d sent him to the hospital, Hind, who took his client on pro bono, felt it was a necessary move. 

One year later, the results speak for themselves: McClintock shed an astounding 280 pounds, telling the Mirror that “both physically and mentally I’m in the best place I have ever been.” 

Naturally, there was a bit more to Darren’s new health and wellness routine than getting banned from fast food spots. He also did some intense, three-a-day training sessions with Hind, who also supplied him with a meal plan. As a Fox article estimates, that pro bono service would’ve cost about $61,000. 

So, yeah. McClintock’s comprehensive weight loss scheme isn’t accessible to everyone, but there are definite lessons that you can apply to your own journey. Namely, that shame is a powerful motivator if channeled in the right direction. It also helps to have a partner who can look out for you, keep you accountable, and force local restaurants to consider you persona non grata if need be. Hey, whatever works.  

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