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Tiramisu Oreos Are Here to Give You Another Excuse to Feed Your Sweet Tooth


It’s no secret that our eating habits have changed during the past month or so of pandemic-inducing quarantine. Naturally, there’s been a spike in junk food eating given that fewer people are around to judge us, nobody has much of an ability (or reason) to go outside, and dining options are increasingly dwindling.

So with that in mind, there’s really no reason not to try this new Tiramisu-flavored Oreo, which is a recent addition to grocery store shelves, as indicated by @CandyHunting (who now seems to be sporting rubber gloves, at least).


The new Limited Edition Tiramisu Oreos are out now in the US! Both Walmart and Target have product finders on their site. I highly advise using them before going out to look for these.

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Described as a limited-edition offering, this long-rumored Oreo incorporates the taste of the traditional Italian dessert which includes coffee-dipped ladyfingers, and cocoa-tinged mascarpone cream. Think of it as a decadent, luxurious Oreo experience that has a bit of a coffee-like, chocolatey tinge to it and you’re probably pretty close to approximating the flavor experience.

Because this is a big (yet small) world, it sounds like the tiramisu-flavored Oreo has already been available in other corners of the globe. An Amazon listing suggests that the flavor can be found in South Korea (at least as Oreo Thins). If that makes you jealous, just be grateful that we have access to Trolls World Tour-themed Oreos and they probably don’t, I guess.

If you feel like you can safely go out into the world to shop (up to you, but be smart), it looks like you’ll find these Tiramisu Oreos at Walmart and Target. Just going out to shop in order to get a hold of these qualifies as wildly irresponsible in my humble opinion, but as @CandyHunting advises, you may want to check online first to see if your local store has them in stock before leaving home. 

So, yes. In case you were wondering, even a global pandemic can’t stop the proliferation of Oreo flavors. Who knows what they’ll have schemed up by the time this is all over.



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