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TikTok is Divided Over Kylie Jenner's Ramen


Every billionaire has profited from the labor or creativity (or both) of at least one person and sometimes many other people who do not receive a proportionate share in the accolades or wealth.

Despite Forbes’ 2019 claim that Kylie Jenner is a “self-made” billionaire, it would seem that— at the very least— her favorite ramen recipe that’s been circulating on TikTok lately isn’t exactly self-made. First technically shared by Kylie on Snapchat a while ago, it’s come back on TikTok for bored Zoomers to try. This post with perfectly deadpan narration is a great example.

If you for whatever reason want to follow a recipe “created” by someone famous for selling lip kits, you’ll need a packet of instant ramen (with seasoning), an egg, butter, garlic powder, and parsley. You’re basically making instant ramen as usual, but stirring in a whisked egg before adding a teaspoon of garlic powder and butter plus the seasoning packet. That’s it.

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Because the Jenner/Kardashian clan consists of some of the least self-aware people around, lots of TikTokkers jumped into the comments to assert that Kylie probably doesn’t deserve credit for this particular instant ramen preparation.

“My mom made me this since I was a toddler & taught me how to make it when I was ten. Yet Kylie gets credit for this,” one said. “Y’all act like Kylie invented everything,” stated another. They’re not wrong!

Look, you can make instant ramen however you want. Hell, I’ve even seen people eating those bricks of noodles raw before. But if you’re going to add a few pretty standard ingredients, just be happy that you’ve elevated your meal without assuming you’ve invented something new. After all, the concept of “cooking” has been around for a very, very long time.


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