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This Natty Light Internship Sounds Better Than Whatever Your Summer Plans Were

How many times have you read, “Just be cool” on a job application? 

On the search for their very first summer intern, Natural Light puts “well-rounded” and “fun-loving” high on the list of qualifications. Way higher than GPA. In fact, they couldn’t care less about your GPA. 

Natural Light is conducting a national search for an ambassador that will lead a fun-filled and Natty-fueled life for the summer. For 8 weeks, you can join the team that brought you Natural Light beer and the award-winning Naturdays brew. 

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This summer internship seems to embody everything you’d expect working at Natural Light to be. The more glamorous parts of the job include attending sporting events and visiting undefined “cool places.” However, the position also requires posting to social channels and recording a weekly vlog of what it’s like to be the one-and-only Natty Light intern.

WATCH: Natty Light Summer Intern Recruitment Video 


Other responsibilities include designing swag, doing some product research, drinking a significant amount of Natty Light, and being “outgoing, but not annoying.” If this sounds like something you can handle, you’ll be happy to hear that this gig comes with a nice reward. Though pay isn’t specified in the application, Thrillist reports that the 8-week compensation is likely around $12,800, which comes out to about $40 per hour. 

Kickstart your career in beer, or just sign up for a kick-ass summer. All 21-and-over applicants can apply here. 

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