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This Morning chef James Martin reveals simple trick to check whether eggs are off

A good cook knows that they’re only as good as their ingredients, but how do you know if your eggs are off? This Morning chef James Martin revealed a simple test that can help you check whether they’re fresh. 


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The easy hack allows you to check your eggs without breaking or wasting them, giving you an instant insight into how fresh they really are. 

The test involves simply placing the egg in water in a jug or large bowl. 

“You can check whether an egg is in date if it hasn’t got a stamp on it, by putting it in some water,” Martin explained.

“If it rises to the top it’s an old egg, if it sinks to the bottom it’s a new egg.”

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The quick and easy trick is handy if you tend to throw away your egg boxes and store them in your fridge’s egg compartment. 

However, you can usually disregard best before dates, which advise on freshness, rather than use by dates, which usually mean a food should not be used past that date.

Eggs often stay fresh far beyond that date, but it’s best to test them before you cook to be sure. 

Many cooks will know the rotten smell that comes from a bad egg – but with this nifty test you can find out how new your eggs are without breaking them into the pan. 

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The freshest eggs will lay on their side at the bottom of the bowl or jug. 

If it sits at the bottom but upright, it’s still fresh but should be eaten soon, or hard-boiled. 

However, if it floats to the top, it is no longer good to eat and should be thrown away. 

The reason for this is that over time air passes through into the shell, as eggs are porous.



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As the air between the membrane and the shell increases, the egg becomes more buoyant and floats. 

The top tip was shared by Saturday Kitchen chef James Martin on Monday’s show as he cooked up a delicious brunch from his home in Hampshire. 

However, despite being the expert the flustered star made a few blunders when trying to serve up his poached eggs. 

As Phillip and Holly watched from the studio, the chef kept trying to place poached eggs on a bed of spinach. 

Aiming for the perfect final shot, the chef wasn’t happy as the eggs kept splitting.

The star got so frustrated that he ended up throwing some of it in the bin, much to the dismay of the viewers. 

Phil commented that it looked like a ‘dog’s dinner’ as James tried to perfect his brunch recipe. 

The host added that it’s exactly what would happen if he’d been the one in the kitchen. 


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