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‘This is best!’ Viral Italian foodie on the ‘mistake’ people make when cooking pasta

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Pasta is a staple dish many people enjoy eating with various different sauces and toppings. There aren’t many ways to cook pasta, but, according to an Italian chef, there is one way of doing so that is incorrect.

A video on TikTok of an Italian chef advising people how to cook pasta correctly has gone viral.

The social media sensation, who also makes and sells Italian sauces, uses TikTok under the name montes.sauce.

The foodie sells Italian products and has Italian heritage, but is based in New York.

The chef regularly shares videos on his TikTok account of easy pasta and sauce recipes.

Although montes.sauce’s videos usually only garner a few hundred views, his latest video has been viewed more than a million times.

In it, he shares how to correctly cook pasta.

The video’s caption read: “#1 mistake people make when cooking pasta.”

In the video itself, the foodie added: “Add your pasta to the sauce, not the sauce on your pasta.

“Don’t be afraid to add the pasta water to the sauce.

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“This is your glue. Get a spider strainer.

“Throw away your strainer. Thank me later.”

In the video, the chef used the strainer to lift a spoonful of pasta from one pan to another.

The second pan was full of a delicious-looking, deep orange sauce.

Interestingly, the video started a debate in the video’s comments.

Some people agreed with the chef, while others shared their own ways of cooking pasta and sauce.

Shannon Earle Messne commented: “I don’t do that because I don’t like leftover soggy pasta. I let everybody add the amount they want.”

A TikTok user named Me said: “No, then you have too much sauce on your pasta. Adding a little sauce to coat pasta to prevent sticking and then add sauce when plating.”

Luke wrote: “I’m just saying, adding your sauce to your pasta vs adding pasta to your sauce are the same. You can control the amount better by adding the sauce though.”

The video’s creator, montes.foods, responded: “Fishing cooking your pasta in the sauce when al dente allows for the noodle to soak up the sauce. Adding some pasta water helps with this.”

User Crazy Land commented: “Thanks, I’m going to try it this way.”

Nicole agreed. She said: “Thank you for your service.”

User Yup added: “Yes this is best.”

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