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This Barbecue Joint Is Offering Free BBQ for Life If You Help Catch Whoever Robbed It

This Barbecue Joint Is Offering Free BBQ for Life If You Help Catch Whoever Robbed It

Being a detective is probably a pretty cool gig: You get to solve mysteries and help people in your community. But does the job come with free barbecue? I can only assume not. So if a lifetime of free brisket is all you're really after, maybe take your sleuthing skills to Lizton, Indiana. A barbecue joint in the tiny town is offering "free BBQ for life" to whoever helps them catch the person behind a recent robbery.

Early in the morning on Saturday, October 19, thieves broke into Rusted Silo BBQ not too far off Interstate 74, about half an hour northwest of Indianapolis. "We were robbed, but we were burgled first," explained owner Rob Ecker according to WTHR. He told the station that after failing to beat down the back door, the criminals instead pried open the front door before stealing money out of the restaurant's register.

In efforts to figure out who was behind the incident, Ecker—a classically-trained chef who has run the well-regarded restaurant with his family for about a year and a half—decided to turn to the best possible reward he can offer: his food. "Whoever is the lucky person to turn in these criminals, they will get barbeque for life," he continued, before quipping, "Snitching never tasted so good."

A reward only works if people know it exists, so Ecker has been aggressively promoting his search for the culprit, placing eye-catching "Wanted" posters around the area with his "Snitching never tasted so good" catchphrase. He also posted a video to Facebook that politely borrows Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" as background music. In it, he says Rusted Silo will also give a 15-percent discount to people who take a selfie with the Wanted poster and post it to social media to help spread the word.

Needless to say, "terms and conditions do apply" to the free-barbecue-for-life offer. Ecker told CNN that the actual reward would work out to about $25 worth of barbecue every week for the rest of the tipster's life: still a pretty solid deal. If you're interested, the reward is still available—as of this writing, though the Hendricks County Sheriff's Office is apparently looking into the case, the burglar is still at large.

And importantly, Ecker also states that "if you win—don't worry—we'll hold your name in the strictest confidence."

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