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The Wonderful World of Chocolate: People ‘hard-wired’ to love salted caramel – how to make

The Wonderful World of Chocolate: Expert on flavour ‘replacement’

The Wonderful World of Chocolate covers a topic close to many Britons’ hearts. Chocolate has been a much-loved treat for many decades but how the sweet stuff and its many fillings are made is not known by many. The Channel 5 show explored just this and unveiled a fascinating fact behind popular chocolate filling salted caramel.

Ever thought you couldn’t resist a tasty mouthful of the stuff?

Well, it turns out that people are “hard-wired” to love salted caramel – although it wasn’t always the case.

The flavour has become in vogue in recent years, the show explains.

“Some of the more traditional flavours have been replaced with some that seem more sophisticated,” said The Wonderful World of Chocolate.

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“For instance, caramels have been replaced with salted caramels.”

New flavours come as about as chocolate makers seek to create exciting new inventions.

“Generations of confectioners are always…trying to find ways of giving you a new sensory experience,” the show explained.

Salted caramel doesn’t just have to be bought at a shop though.

In fact, you can make it at home – and chocolatier Paul A Young shared with viewers how to make the gorgeous treat on tonight’s show.

“There’s a reason why we love it,” said Young.

“It’s the chemical combination of sweet and salt and fat – we are hard-wired to get addicted to that combination.

“Salt enhances the flavour particularly of chocolate and caramel when it’s blended together.”

How to make salted caramel

“To make a caramel you need caster sugar, some water,” Young detailed.

“And now the most important ingredient that goes in is sea salt.”

The Wonderful World of Chocolate explains that next you add “a healthy dollop of golden syrup,” to the above.

Then, “it’s onto the stove with cream, condensed milk, butter, and vanilla to make this gooey caramel mix.”

Once the salted caramel is ready, Young cuts the sweet delicacy into “bite-sized pieces.”

Next, the stuff is coated with chocolate. The reason for this is two-fold – and it’s not just for taste.

The “coating of chocolate is not only yummy, it helps preserve the caramel,” says The Wonderful World of Chocolate.

So, what is Paul A Young’s verdict on his recipe?

“You can tell the salt brings down that sweetness and balances it out,” said the chocolatier.

“I do love that butter, cream, sugar combination; and the salt just makes you want more.”

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