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‘Such a good hack’: Brilliant method to defrost bread in 30 seconds

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A content creator who uses her platform to advise Britons on how to save money has shown an amazing food hack to defrost bread in 30 seconds.

The money-saver, who uses TikTok under the name @becksavesmoney, has 10.7k followers on the app and has amassed over 199k likes.

The savvy saver says: “I love to shop and save money.”

This clever trick will enable shoppers to defrost bread in a pinch so they can freeze it in bulk and save cash.

The Briton told TikTok users: “So, the other week I bought these breadcakes from Asda. It was a 24 pack and I got them for 30p and decided to freeze them.

“I’ve woken up this morning and all my bread is mouldy so I’ve resorted to the stuff in the freezer.”

How to defrost a bread roll in 30 seconds

The content creator demonstrated the tip. She said: “You need to wet a paper towel until it’s damp.

“Put (the bread roll) in the microwave with the damp towel over the top.”

She then turns the microwave on for half a minute.

“Thirty seconds and voila, defrosted bread,” the expert said.

She told viewers the bread is exactly as it was before she froze it after using this method.

“Seriously, nice and squidgy. This is such a good hack,” she said.

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This is not the only way to defrost bread however, there are a number of techniques people swear by.

How to defrost bread


The easiest way to defrost bread, if you aren’t in a rush, is to simply thaw it.

Take the loaf, leave it in its bag, and leave it on the counter for three to four hours.

Use the oven

Follow the following steps to defrost bread in the oven:

  • Set the oven to 200C
  • Once heated, put the bread on the middle shelf
  • Leave slices of bread for five minutes and a whole loaf for 20 to 230 minutes, depending on the size of the loaf
  • Take the bread out and allow it to cool for 10 minutes

Use the microwave

To defrost sliced bread in the microwave, blast them in the microwave on high for between 15 and 25 seconds.

Another bread hack demonstrated how to make stale bread fresh again. 

Chef Tristan Welch explained how to revitalise stale bread using water and the oven.

He said: “First up, take your loaf of bread and put it under the tap until it’s completely soaking with water.

“Now pop it in a hot oven 200C degrees for about five minutes.”

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