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Stop avocados from going brown – 5 food storage hacks to try

Food hack: TikTok user shows how to 'save half of an avocado'

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Food storage hacks are going viral on social media and one item everyone is trying to make last longer is avocados. The salad item is notorious for ripening at random times; one day it’ll be hard and the next day it’s past its best. Here are five ways tried and tested ways to store an avocado. 

@Alphafood on TikTok has 690k followers and she put five well-known avocado storage hacks to the test. 

The social media creator used half a ripe avocado for each test, sometimes the stone was removed, sometimes not. 

1. Avocado in water 

Using an airtight glass container, a couple of inches of fresh water had been added. 

Half the avocado was then placed flesh side down, skin up in the water. 

The lid was added and the container was placed in the fridge. 

As for the results, the avocado stayed perfectly green, but @Alphafood noted that “scientific evidence is against” this storage hack “because of bacteria formation”. 

Further information reveals this storage hack “may create the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to grow and could possibly lead to health implications”. 

It is said that bacteria may reside on the surface of avocado and could potentially multiply when doused in water and then placed in the fridge. 

2. Avocado and citrus juice 

@Alphafood took half an avocado, with the stone still in, and squeeze lime juice onto the flesh of the avocado. 

She then wrapped the avocado tightly in a piece of clingfilm, ensuring it was sealed around the stone and neatly on the flesh. 

Her verdict? “100 percent, I like this one because after three days it still maintained its green colour”. 

3. Avocado and onion 

Taking another half an avocado, @Alphafood left the stone in and sliced an inch off the top of an avocado. 

She also took a small red onion and sliced that in half and placed both into an airtight container. 

“Avocado and onion – definitely not,” she commented. “Not only does the avocado smell of onion, the avocado flesh turned brown.” 

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4. Freezing avocado slices. 

@Alphafood used a whole avocado for this food storage hack and removed the stone. 

She then cut it in half and then quarters before peeling the skin off. 

Using a reusable silicone freezer bag, she placed the slices inside and sealed them up. 

“This is great in my opinion, the avocado remained green and can be used in smoothies,” she noted. 

5. Guacamole frozen cubes 

Using half or a whole avocado, @Alphafood took it out of the skin and into a bowl where she added a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt before mashing it with a fork. 

Using an ice cube tray, she then spooned the mixture into each slot. 

“I like this one because it doesn’t change the colour,” she explained. “But it was slightly watery” when it had defrosted. 

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