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Starbucks Just Made It Harder to Order 'Secret Menu' Drinks

Hand holding a cup of coffee in front of Starbucks logo.

The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, but it’s also made it easier to be a jerk – acting in ways we never would in public. In the food world, that’s translated into ridiculous digital orders that you’d be hard-pressed to place with a straight face in person – be it a Domino’s pizza that’s literally just dough and beef or a McDonald’s order that’s just an empty bag. Starbucks has faced this conundrum as well, with customers often requesting a laundry list of customizations through the digital app, both earnest and inane. Sure, some baristas may find it cute, but plenty others apparently complained because Starbucks has put an end to the madness, finally limiting the number of “modifiers” app users can request on a drink order.

As of the end of the July, Starbucks has updated its app so that customers can no longer add a single modifier – things like extra espresso shots or extra syrup – more than 12 times, according to Business Insider. Just to clarify, you can still have more than 12 modifications in total: The restriction is only on any one item – so, in theory, you can still add 12 espresso shots and 12 caramel syrup pumps and 12 mocha sauces (etc.) to the same drink as long as you don’t top any one modifier’s limit. As a result, no, this shouldn’t be a life-changing thing – unless making Starbucks stunt beverages was your life’s work.

“I think it will help when it comes to mobile orders,” a Starbucks employee told Business Insider. “People seem to be as extra as they possibly can be through the app because they don't have to sound stupid asking us for all the mods.” Speaking of which, the mod limit is apparently only on the app, meaning if you are perfectly content sounding stupid, you can still ask for 13 times the extra pumpkin sauce on your PSL in person, and the barista would oblige. At that point, I guess, you’ve earned it.

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