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S'mores Coffee Creamer Is Here to Kick Your Coffee Game Up a Notch

Here’s the problem with s’mores: For some reason, society has deemed it socially unacceptable to eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But you know what? We don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives.

Neither does International Delight, as it turns out, because the company just debuted a delicious-looking S’mores coffee creamer.

“[We’re] excited to bring this nostalgic summer flavor from the campfire into your coffee cup,” International Delight said in a statement. “While we can’t take credit for inventing that perfect graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow combo (though we wish we could), we have expertly crafted the perfect flavor combo in a creamer that is sure to hit the spot.”

This isn’t the first time International Delight has released a marshmallow-inspired creamer. But we have to admit, we’d take this S’mores flavor over the Peeps one any day.

The bottles will be available nationwide beginning in April for a limited time (booooooo!) and will retail for $3.79 a bottle.

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