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Shoppers fume as Cadbury makes changes to Easter Eggs sold on shelves

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Customers have shared their frustration after noticing that chocolate giant, Cadbury, has made a major change to its Easter Eggs. Keen eyed shoppers have noticed that on supermarket shelves a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs egg is now 97g, down from 130g – while still at the price of £1.25. A medium Wispa Easter egg is 182.5g, down from 224g, and remains £3.

The Cadbury Flake egg, which costs £5, now weighs 231.8g after dropping from 249g. The Dairy Milk Freddo Faces Easter egg, for example, has shrunk from 122g to 96g but costs £1.25 instead of £1, reports the Manchester Evening News.

The change has already been spotted by shoppers, and they’re not happy. Posting on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, The little Cadbury eggs were £1 last year and this year they are £1.25 and a hell of a lot smaller.”

Kathryn Elphick slammed: “More packaging than chocolate. Not worth buying even creme eggs have shrunk!” Liz Marrone said: “Easy solution don’t buy them.”

Roseann Craig slammed: “Thought they looked smaller.” Mandy Whaites said: “Don’t buy Cadbury’s then.”

Consumer expert Sarah Coles of Hargreaves Lansdown slammed the downsizing. Speaking about the Cadbury changes, she said: “The horrors of shrinkflation are turning Easter eggs into mini eggs. We’re spending significantly more in return for less chocolate.”

She added: ““It feels particularly unfair to those on lower budgets, who are trying to keep everyone happy this Easter without breaking the bank.”

A spokesperson for Mondelez, which owns Cadbury, said: “We’re constantly looking at ways to innovate our products while keeping the fan favourites that the nation knows and loves.”

“This year we’ve revamped our Easter egg range, offering a wide variety of sizes and price options for our Cadbury fans to choose from.”

A spokesperson told the Sun that traditional gift shell eggs have replaced large shell eggs and there are eight different flavours including Creme Egg and Mini Eggs. The small eggs are part of its new “surprise and delight” range, with treats back inside eggs.

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