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Pub sparks huge reaction with blunt job advert: ‘No Karens, Darrens or Debbie downers’

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The Sanddancer in South Shields announced via Facebook that it was seeking an assistant manager. However, the unusual job advert included a warning to followers to read the advert “with caution”. 

“To jump on board with us, we don’t want Karens or Darrens, so please no wet wipes, or Debbie downers,” the post began. “I’ve heard it all before that you’re rude, you’re unprofessional, that we’re the problem, you’re childish blah blah, jump on your phone and dial 0121-go-do-one as you’re not what I’m looking for!”

According to the ChronicleLive, the post continued to say that the ideal candidate was someone who “can at least turn on the lights and TVs on a morning”, with “no coke, crack habit or drinking problem”, who “hasn’t got mould under their finger nails”.

The post added: “We want our potential superstar who will come to an interview looking casually presentable and on time and not look like they’ve been dragged through a hedge with the motivation of a sloth. You can’t bring your friend, dog, or cat to the interview either, and don’t even think of walking through the door with a can of Monster in your hand – I think you catch my drift. Simply put, we DO NOT want applicants who just want to show Universal Credit that they’re applying for jobs with absolutely zero intention.”

The post went on to tell applicants that the role would involve a 40-hour contract, and “could be 20-30% above minimum wage” with the salary depending on experience. It signed off with the message: “If you’re whingy, dull and find this offensive, move on as we want to put the fun back into work.”

The advert divided opinion in the comments section, with some taking offence to the listing. 

“This is a disgraceful advertisement. Absolutely disgraceful,” one person wrote.

Another said: “After 31 years running my own pubs and in big places like Mayfair London, I would never advertise a position like this. But I’m guessing you want to close the business down so well done. After reading your advert I would certainly not be visiting you.”

But others praised the unconventional approach of the job advert. “This is great, straight to the point,” one Facebook user said. “We live in an age where most are afraid to offend anyone, you just want someone to work with you to achieve the goals.”

“Well said,” another praised. “No good beating around the bush! Honesty is key.”

Many did, however, point out that the post was remarkably similar to a job listing first put out by Shorties, a dessert shop in Wales. “I suppose imitation is the highest form of flattery, but maybe be a bit more original next time,” one person wrote.

The pub’s owner Edd Hilton told The Mirror that he did indeed “copy and paste” the advert after seeing it used elsewhere on Facebook, and said that it had helped in the search for applicants. Edd admitted that he had felt it was time to “change things up” as finding hospitality staff had proven difficult in the wake of the pandemic.

“We have tried conventional platforms and websites for jobs with the same mundane ads of hours, duties, salaries and we are not generating interest as there are hundreds of similar roles available in the local area,” he said. “The same goes for chefs and kitchen staff.”

Edd added: “We get the ad wasn’t for everyone, and not everyone can understand the workings and challenges working in hospitality brings, but it was done light hearted, nothing serious, and to get the message out to a wider audience that we were looking for our next little superstar!”

He also promised the manager of Shorties a meal and a pint at The Sanddancer as a thanks for creating the original post.

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