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Professional chef shares the best method to cut a bell pepper

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Chef Kelly Scott is a professional chef and culinary instructor who has dedicated her life to teaching others how to cook. The food expert, from Orange Country, California, posts recipes, tips, and tricks online. The former model focuses on delicious healthy, food.

Now she has a huge 613,100 followers on her TikTok account @kellyscleankitchen, where she has also amassed almost nine million likes. Kelly posted a hack on her TikTok account which demonstrated a novel way to cut a bell pepper.

She wrote: “Literally the best way to break down a bell pepper trust me it’s life-changing!”

In the video, she said: “I used to work at a high-end meal prep company where we cut literally hundreds of pounds of bell peppers and I found this to be the fastest way.

“You cut off the root end and the stem and then you just simply go all the way around so all the seeds stay and it comes out perfectly clean.

“It’s so easy, it’s so fast and you just go from there.”

How to chop a bell pepper

  • Turn the bell pepper on its side
  • Chop the top and bottom off the pepper and discard it (or use for compost for feeding guinea pigs)
  • Slice down the side of the pepper, and turn it as you slice, cutting off the outside of the vegetable

A number of fans who were also professionally trained cooks chimed in to say this was the method they had been taught also.

One said: “I worked at Chipotle and this is how we cut them. And you take all the ends and stack them and slice them too.”

Another said: “That’s how we would prep when I used to work at Subway.”

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One added: “This is how we learned in culinary school. It’s so quick and has minimal mess.”

Others were wowed by the hack after seeing it demonstrated for the first time. One commented: “You just changed my life.”

Another said: “Today is my birthday and I feel like this video was a gift from the universe. Thanks for sharing!”

“WHAT where has this been all my life?” another demanded.

Another wrote: “Love new people learning these tips. Saves so much time. You’re doing the lord’s work!”

However, one claimed she had been aware of the trick for a long time. They wrote: “I’ve done this my whole life…I thought this was the normal way.”

Another food expert detailed how to make the perfect scrambled eggs on her TikTok account. Jess Moses is a food photographer who shares “food hacks that will change your life” on her TikTok account @freshlysnapped. 

She asked her followers: “Ever wondered how restaurants make the perfect scrambled eggs? Here’s your answer!”

The secret, she claims, is dragging the egg into the middle of the pan to create folds of egg.

One commenter wrote: “I’ve been making scrambled eggs wrong my entire life.”

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