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Popeyes Partners with No Kid Hungry to Keep Children Fed

Everything We Know About the Return of Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich

It’s a tough time for everyone, but especially non-chain restaurants. At a time when so many local favorites across the country are hanging on by a thread, ordering from a fast food chain can leave you feeling a bit guiltier than a guilty pleasure meal normally would. After all, how much of an impact does your order at a place like Popeyes have when smaller, struggling restaurants need every takeout order they can get just to keep the lights on?

Well, luckily you can feel at least a little bit less guilty about ordering that chicken sandwich now. That’s because Popeyes is partnering with No Kid Hungry to provide a little bit of help to those in need amid a time of widespread job losses and food insecurity.

The whole process of it couldn’t be easier. When you’re placing a delivery order through the Popeyes app, you can add a dollar to your tab (which should include a pretty generous tip as well), which will go directly to No Kid Hungry. Not only that, but Popeyes will also match 100 percent of the donations made. That extra dollar may not seem like a lot to you, but it can really add up if people make the choice to donate.

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There are a lot of people, restaurants, and causes one can give money to right now, but No Kid Hungry is surely among them. With schools across the country closed, the organization estimates that underprivileged students could be collectively missing out on more than 100 million meals a week. While some local governments and kind souls are stepping up to fill the void, every little bit of money that can connect kids with nutritious meals helps.

So if you long for the days when the biggest issue in the food world was who had the best chicken sandwich, give Popeyes a try and donate to a worthy cause while you do. It’s maybe the one time you can order fast food and legitimately not regret it.


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