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Perfect summer ‘Pimms’ recipe with a surprising ingredient: Delicious strawberry twist

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Strawberry gin is updating the classic ‘Pimms’ recipe for summer with a fresh take on a British cocktail stalwart. It has been created by chef Ben Ebbrell from the British Youtube channel Sorted Food exclusively for Express.co.uk.

Ben told Express.co.uk readers said: “Obviously typically ‘Pimms’ is made with lemonade and then has all the various bits in, strawberry being one (along with apple, orange, cucumber and mint).

“To make it work with this Strawberry Gin Liqueur use 1/2 lemonade (clear not cloudy) and 1/2 soda water.”

Strawberry Gin ‘Pimms’ recipe

Serves two


  • 100ml strawberry gin
  • 150ml clear lemonade
  • 150ml soda water


  • Dice a handful of cucumber, apple and orange. Mix these with a few springs of mint.
  • Add your gin, clear lemonade and soda water.
  • Served over in two highball glasses.

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  • Dice a handful of cucumber, apple and orange. Mix these with a few springs of mint.
  • Add your gin, clear lemonade and soda water.
  • Served over in two highball glasses.

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Sorted Food boasts over two and a half million followers on its YouTube account.

The food community is beloved by fans, creating inexpensive meals focused on eradicating waste.

Professional chef Ben previously told Express.co.uk readers his tips to make gravy taste incredible – perfect for those planning Jubilee roasts.

Ben, who has 12 years of experience cooking professionally, suggested a few “flavour bombs” to increase the intensity and flavour of your gravy.

Now he and his Sorted Food cohorts have partnered with Yorkshire’s Sloemotion Distillery, to launch the Strawberry Gin Liqueur with Vanilla & Black Pepper.

A celebration of the UK’s favourite berry, the team have used last year’s deliciously sweet surplus strawberry crop along with Sloemotion Distillery botanicals foraged from the hedgerows on their farm to create the new drink.

The drink is 100 percent British, with the bottles made in Leeds and the strawberries grown in Yorkshire.

Tackling food waste, gin-makers used surplus strawberries after various summer events were cancelled due to the pandemic in 2021, including Wimbledon.

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Ben Ebbrell, Sorted Food co-founder, said: “I am thrilled to be joining forces to create the first drink that our community will be able to enjoy too.

“Not only has it helped save much of last year’s strawberry crop from going to waste, but it’s the perfect drink to enjoy during an awesome summer of celebrations for the UK.

“Just as sloes plucked from the bush for sloe gin are traditionally best after the first frost, so are frozen berries best for the maceration and steeping process in our gin.

“Our new gin is crafted to be served neat over ice. But why not extend to a thirst-quenching summer drink by adding a splash into a dry sparkling apple or pear cider, or for a very special occasion a coupe of English sparkling wine?”

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