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Natty Light Wants to See Your Real-World Scaries Costume


Though Halloween is full of spooky and scary creatures, the autumnal holiday that allegedly has its origin in certain pagan rituals isn’t all that scary once you’re an adult. Instead, it’s mostly about dressing up as a character from the best TV show you watched that year and ingesting intoxicating witch’s brews instead of candy. 

Natty Light, the beer brand that’s probably responsible for at least one Halloween party you don’t remember very well, wants to change that. This year, they’re holding a Halloween Scaries costume contest to put the fright back into the holiday. Instead of dressing up like a ghoul or goblin, Natty Light wants millennials and Gen Z-ers (which I would assume are pretty much the entirety of its audience) to dress up like the real-life existential horrors that keep you up at night. 

Based on a photo promoting the contest used by Natty Light, some relevant example costumes include “doing laundry,” “moving in with your parents after graduation,” “having a bad credit score,” and “student loan debt prisoner.” If it’s something that frightens you either due to the harsh reality of adult life or your own unrelenting laziness, turn it into a costume. 

This costume contest isn’t just for fun, either. The grand prize winner will walk away with $10000, while 10 others will get $1,000 each. To enter, just post your costume on Instagram or Twitter (which you probably were going to do anyway) with the hashtags #NattyScaries and #Contest. You have until November 3 to enter, which is perfect if your greatest fear happens to be getting things done on time. May the Millennial or Zoomer who best personifies the horrors of late capitalism win. 



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