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Method to make the perfect chicken breast every time

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Content creator Ahmad Alzahabi has a huge 6M followers on his TikTok account @thegoldenbalance. The foodie makes delicious meals on his account and shares his recipes with his many fans. This includes this chicken recipe for the perfect breast. 

He answered a question that baffles his fans and UK home cooks alike: “My chicken breast is always dry. What do I do?”

The food expert explained: “Most chicken breasts are thick on one side and thinner on the other.” This means they cook unevenly, but the chef has a hack to solve this issue. He said: “You can use saran wrap or a Ziploc bag and just even it all out.”

Ahmad puts the clingfilm over his chicken breast and gently uses a rolling pin to flatten the breast.

Next, it’s time for seasoning. Ahmad said: “Let’s get on with some salt and pepper, chipotle chili powder, smoked paprika and garlic, and onion.”

Then, he heats a cast iron pan to medium-high heat before adding oil, recommending “avocado, canola, or peanut” oil.

Next, “lay the chicken on and make sure you hear a sizzle.” After four or five minutes the chef adds in his “optional” butter hack. He said: “I like to drop in some butter and the butter is foamy, baste the chicken.”

The chef suggested using a meat thermometre “if you want the perfect chicken every time”. He said: “The thermometer goes directly in the centre of the meat and when it hits 165C, it’s perfectly cooked.

“Pull it off and let it rest for at least five minutes. For me, this is beautifully cooked. The spices are nice and toasty. This is just beautiful. We have the perfect chicken breast.”

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Fans praised the simple and tasty recipe. One wrote: “Thank you for the awesome tips, I did this chicken for my family at home tonight it was amazing.”

Another said, “I pound mine even, season and back on a pan with a rack at 400 for 20 minutes. Comes out perfect every time.” One remarked, “If you want it juicier take it out at 160° and let it rest.”

Another content creator recently shared their method to make roast chicken in an air fryer. Hayley runs the Recipe Club and has 42.9K Followers on her TikTok account @hayleys.worldx. 

She demonstrated how it was done to fans, and said: “This is super easy and it only takes an hour. Hayley uses the 5.5L Cosori air fryer, which cost £109 on Amazon to roast her chicken with a delicious-looking crispy skin.

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