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McDonald’s worker shares why ordering large fries is pointless ‘Intentionally ripped off’

TikTok user outlines 'hack' for getting fresh McDonald's fries

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A trip to McDonald’s calls for a splurge, but an insider revealed that those upsizing their fries may not be getting their money’s worth.

One employee of the fast food chain took to TikTok to share this kitchen secret.

@nnennaaaaaa6 posted a video from a McDonald’s kitchen of a chef making a portion of supposed “large fries”, complete with a hack for getting less fries in the box than promised.

The secret of the chain is: “Don’t open the cardboard all the way.”

And the reason for this?: “Saves more fries for others.”

While the employee captioned the video “Shhh”, it has gone viral, racking up 373,700 views already since being posted on January 26.

As of today, the video has a whopping 468 comments, with TikTok users either rushing to defend the fast food chain, and others expressing their annoyance at the revelation.

One user stated: “Not all McDonald’s employees are lazy. You guys are giving all us other hard workers a bad name!”

A fellow employee of the fast food chain chimed in: “Wrong. I worked at McDonald’s for six years and our head manager would have had our heads if we had tried to pull something like that.”

Another seconded this: “That’s probably just in your location. I’ve worked at like five locations and I’m always told to open it and pack it.”

But interesting, some TikTok users have come to the McDonald’s employee’s defence and tried to confirm that the video is in fact true.

One user revealed: “I worked at McDonald’s and I can confirm they told us to do that. Now when I order I make sure they fill them.”

Another employee said: “I worked at McDonald’s for nearly eight years and this is completely correct. The managers at the stores I worked in got mad if you opened it up all the way.”

Unsurprisingly, many fans of McDonald’s fries felt cheated of their favourite fast food snack.

One fries fan commented under the post: “It’s nice to know that we’re intentionally getting ripped off. We pay for a large fry because we want a large fry, not because we like the bigger box.”

Another posed the question: “So you get charged for a large but don’t really get a large. Nice. Ripping off your customers.”

They added: “Why not just say you can’t order large fries?”

@sideo1 also expressed their concern: “Wow, like things aren’t bad enough. McDonald’s is way too expensive for what they give us.”

One user even blamed the employee who posted the video: “She should be fired. All her TikTok videos show is that she’s a thief, plain and simple.”

@nnennaaaaa6 has several other McDonald’s related videos on her page for anyone who wants the supposed inside scoop.

McDonald’s US has been contacted for comment.

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