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McDonald’s Triple Cheeseburger: How many calories are in the new Triple Cheeseburger?

To the delight of fast-food fans, McDonald’s has now launched its highly-anticipated Triple Cheeseburger. Building on the popularity of the brand’s Cheeseburger and Double Cheeseburger, the Triple Cheeseburger is just one of many new items joining the McDonald’s menu this week.

From Wednesday, September 2, McDonald’s have expanded their breakfast menu to include a brand new item – the Jam Muffin.

The Jam Muffin will now be available for breakfast, which starts at 5am at many outlets, and is a bargain at only 99p.

McDonald’s is also bringing back two beloved McFlurry favourites – the Cadbury Dairy Milk McFlurry and the Cadbury Caramel McFlurry.

On the McDonald’s Saver Menu, the brand has now introduced the Triple Cheeseburger following a successful trial.

A few lucky restaurants in Yorkshire trialled the Triple Cheeseburger back in February of this year, before McDonald’s temporarily closed due to the UK lockdown.

Featuring three beef patties and three slices of cheese, the Triple Cheeseburger costs £2.19.

McDonald’s said in a statement: “To add a lighter bite to breakfast, the Jam Muffin will be available for 99p.

“The toasted muffin with jam has been on sale in Ireland for a number of years and will now be coming to the UK.

“Also returning to the menu tomorrow are promotional McFlurry flavours – in both regular and mini sizes, the Cadbury Dairy Milk and Cadbury Caramel – both firm favourites among McFlurry fans.

“Following a successful trial period earlier this year, the Triple Cheeseburger will now officially join the Saver Menu as a permanent addition from Wednesday 2 September.”

McDonald’s latest arrival has sparked a stir on social media, with one Twitter user tweeting: “My next McDonald’s order is going to include a double quarter pounder and a triple cheeseburger. Glorious.”

Another wrote: “The most important news of the year.

“McDonalds launch a triple cheeseburger. I’m going to get fat, fast. #byebyediet”

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How many calories are in a McDonald’s Triple Cheeseburger?

According to the McDonald’s website, a Triple Cheeseburger has 588 calories per serving.

A Triple Cheeseburger also has 34g of fat, 17g of saturated fat and 8.9g of sugar.

Per serving a Triple Cheeseburger also contains 3.1g of salt – just over half of the reference intake of an average adult (6g).

In comparison, McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger usually has 445 calories, while a Cheeseburger has 301 calories.

McDonalds are also currently offering a twist on its classic Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese has 750 calories and 43g of fat.

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