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McDonald’s ex-employee shares tactic they use to make you spend more

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Veronica worked at McDonald’s while studying at university in Spain and although she enjoyed the experience, she noticed a clever method the restaurant used to make customers spend more. A little trick “we used to do at McDonald’s was to always select the large menu when customers didn’t specify the size of their order,” Veronica claimed.

The ex-worker explained: “I remember that when people ordered a menu, we had to automatically select the large one unless they specifically asked for the medium or small.

“So if they ordered a McChicken menu, we wouldn’t ask ‘Large, medium or small?’ but we had to always select the large. It’s not the end of the world, but this way McDonald’s makes a lot of money,” Veronica opined.

Fast food fans could avoid this by specifying the size of the meal they want when ordering.

Express.co.uk also spoke to Joel, who worked at McDonald’s Spain last summer for a couple of months. He revealed that “the best part was that I could eat for free plus everyone was very nice – I had a good experience”.

Joel said that the “best option on the menu” for him was the BigMac, one of the most popular items at McDonald’s, “because of the sauce”.

He commented: “I don’t know if they add some kind of addictive ingredient but it’s just too good!”

The McDonald’s former worker also revealed that “the only thing I would never order is the fish burger because the fish there is not good,” he claimed.

The McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish, which is made from a seasoned fish fillet coated with crispy breading, is considered one of the healthiest items on their menu.

According to the restaurant, they only use “sustainably sourced” fish for all their fish items, including the “famous Filet-o-Fish” and for the Happy Meal Fish Fingers they “use Hoki or Pollock”.

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“All our fish comes from Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable fisheries,” the website explained. However, McDonald’s fans had mixed reviews on the online forum Reddit.

Debra, who recently had a Filet-o-Fish, commented: “McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich is a good enough choice if you want something a little healthier than a beef burger.

“It is a small square of breaded fish fillet that is plain tasting and acceptable as long as it is eaten while it is still warm.”

She recommended ordering “without cheese, with tomato and lettuce added for a relatively healthy fast-food sandwich” and asking “for extra tartar sauce for more flavour”.

McDonald’s customer Martin Bayer, however, was not a fan: “I can’t remember the last time I had a Filet-O-Fish sandwich, but I know I’ve eaten one and I’m still alive.

“That being said, you won’t die if you eat one but they aren’t memorable. It’s just a cheap fish sandwich. Don’t set your sights too high.”

Another one, Shelly Provines, opined: “It’s not the best fish sandwich you’ll ever eat, but it’s not the worst one either. Considering the fact that it is a fast-food fish sandwich, it’s pretty good.”

McDonald’s fan Lance Berg shared the best way to eat it and warned other customers to never have it “after five minutes” or “at home”.

“It’s OK. Good enough that I order it every couple of months when the mood strikes me. When things go right, it’s actually a treat.”

However, he said that the sandwich is good when is “absolutely fresh” and “is not something you can order, take home, and eat there – you need to eat it in the restaurant, or in your car, immediately after they give it to you”.

The customer explained why: “Let it sit for even five minutes, it goes from ‘this is pretty good’ to ‘meh’.

“Let it sit for 15 minutes, you might as well just toss it in the waste, it’s over. And I have not found any way to resuscitate it.”

Express.co.uk has contacted McDonald’s for comment

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