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Malibu Is Selling Cocktails In Massive 60-Ounce Pouches


Let’s face it: we all deserve a cocktail right now. The problem is, you often have to go through the effort of actually making a cocktail. Even worse, sometimes a normal-sized cocktail isn’t enough to get the job done, so to speak.

But what if instead of using a blender to make a daiquiri, you could just push a button and have it pour out of a pouch? Thankfully, that’s exactly what Malibu Rum’s giant pouches have to offer. Available as a classic rum punch, a lime and coconut concoction, a Pineapple twist, or as a boozy Blue Hawaiian flavor, there’s some combination of rum and tropical fruit flavors capable of pleasing any palate.

Given that these function as pre-portioned cocktails, each weighs in at about 25 proof (12.5% ABV). But more importantly, this thing weighs in at 60 ounces. That’s 3.75 pounds of alcohol in a very portable pouch. A 40-ounce and a half of potable island vibes that’ll make you forget all about your cancelled vacation (and a lot of other stuff too if you don’t bring some friends along to help you finish this).

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In case you need to get your hands on 1.7 liters of Malibu cocktails in a short period of time, you can do that as well. Malibu’s website will help you figure out how you can order this for delivery in as little as one hour. Having that kind of easy access to this kind of party-starter can definitely turn your day around pretty quickly.

So if you can socially distance at the beach, this might be just the thing to bring along with you. Just make sure someone else is driving if you plan on playing any significant part in polishing this bad boy off.


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