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LongHorn Just Debuted Steak & Bourbon Ice Cream

LongHorn just debuted a somewhat unconventional new menu item—Steak & Bourbon Ice Cream that features bits of steak and swirls of bourbon caramel in every spoonful.. 

Pretty gross, right? But I have one thought and one thought only about this news: “Damn, Ron Swanson would love this.

Sure, this ice cream isn’t my cup of tea. But different strokes for different folks, right? Nobody’s forcing you to eat it and, most importantly, whatever makes Ron Swanson happy makes me happy. 

Here’s some more info, per a press release from the chain:

LongHorn claims that this “unique dish represents LongHorn’s commitment to quality for its guests.” I guess we all express affection in different ways—some people say “thank you,” others put meat and booze in ice cream.  

  • The dessert is “complemented” by LongHorn’s Char seasoning, a spice blend that is traditionally used to “bring out the essence of the grill and season LongHorn’s bone-in steak cuts.”

It’s topped with bourbon caramel sauce, whipped cream, and steak sprinkles (do with that information what you will). 

It’ll be available for $3.99 at select locations (in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Houston, Cleveland, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa) for a limited time. 

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