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Londoners are the most argumentative around dinnertime, study finds

Birdseye: Londoners are most argumentative over dinner time

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Although the most common argument, named by 32 percent, is when someone gets up from the table to grab a drink – and doesn’t offer one to anyone else.

But those elsewhere in the south east came out as the least argumentative – having half as many disputes each week.

The ones they do have are most likely to be about whether diners should be allowed to look at their phones.

While people in the north east have the most rows over getting everyone to sit down and eat at the dinner table.

Despite this, 59 percent of adults believe little squabbles around the dinner table can actually bring them closer together.

And 61 percent feel it would be boring if everyone in the family all had the same opinion.

A spokesperson for Birds Eye, which commissioned the study to highlight how frozen food can take some of the hassle out of mealtimes, said: “Dinnertime is a time for families to come together, particularly during the Christmas and New Year season.

“However, as we all know, being together doesn’t always mean peace and harmony.

“That said, it’s great to hear that when these dinnertime disputes do occur, over half of people feel they bring them closer together.”

Across the nation, the top reason for having more bust-ups over Christmas is simply that there are more members of the family around the table, all with different views (33 percent).

While 32 percent feel there’s more pressure to have a good time, and 27 percent feel, certainly towards the end of the period, they’ve ‘seen too much of each other’.

The research also found residents in Scotland spend the most on food in a normal week – a total of £142.80-a-week, compared to East Anglians, who spend the least (£95.90).

For Christmas, however, people in the south west up their expenditure the most, rising to £164.80-a-week from £117.90 in a normal week.

Despite this, 47 percent of all adults think the rising cost of living has made them more aware of food waste at mealtimes this Christmas.

Furthermore, the research reveals 95 percent cook from frozen at least once a week, with a key reason for this being you don’t have to worry about food going off.

Other reasons include it being easier, you don’t need to plan days in advance and that the family prefer it.

And seven in 10 consider it important to eat together as a family, throughout the year, according the stats by OnePoll.

More than half (57 percent) think it improves their family bond, while 48 percent of those who are parents claim it helps them understand their children’s lives.

Birds Eye’s spokesperson added: “It’s a shame to see so many people still feel the pressure to have a ‘perfect’ Christmas.

“And that little squabbles still happen during the festivities.

“One thing that people seem to agree on is good food and our results show frozen food is a family favourite.

“This Christmas – and throughout 2023 – we hope to see lots of families having dinnertime discussions about all sorts of subjects.”

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