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Krispy Kreme Drops Pie-Themed Doughnuts for Thanksgiving


Just a few weeks after dropping their Halloween doughnuts, the “Monster Batch,” Krispy Kreme is back with a pie-themed Thanksgiving collection called "Easy as Pie."

We tasted the three new pie-inspired doughnuts, which include Chocolate Kreme Pie, Cherry Pie, and Dutch Apple Pie, and now we need to take a long nap.

The Chocolate Kreme Pie doughnut, which is filled with “silky chocolate Kreme,” is dipped in chocolate icing, and topped with Kreme and mini-chocolate chips. This was our favorite doughnut out out of the bunch—the filling tastes like chocolate pudding, which contrasts nicely against the cake-y doughnut and crunchy chocolate chips.

The Dutch Apple Pie, on the other hand, is loaded with apple pie filling (including chunks of apple) and dipped in caramel icing, with streusel and an icing lattice as the finishing touch. The doughnut filling is quite sweet and gelatinous, with strong notes of spices—editors liked the crunchy topping, but it wasn't a dead-ringer for apple pie.

Out of the three, The Cherry Pie doughnut looks the most like a real pie. It features a doughnut topped with pie crust crumbles and cherry filling, decorated with a white icing lattice. Unlike the Dutch Apple Pie doughnut, the Cherry Pie doughnut isn’t entirely filled with fruit, making the flavor more subtle. It has a sweet-tart flavor almost reminiscent of candy, which is amplified by the sweetness from the doughnut. You can try it along with the rest of the “Easy as Pie” doughnuts at Krispy Kreme locations nationwide now through November 28.

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