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Keep your strawberries fresh 2wks in the fridge with easy storage hack

Alan Titchmarsh demonstrates how to grow strawberries

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Strawberries are one of those fruits that only last a day or two at room temperature and up to seven days when refrigerated. If you want to learn a new way to store these berries up to two weeks, a social media creator has an easy and quick food storage hack to try.

Michelle, also known as @7daysofplay on Instagram and TikTok, has been posting hacks, activities and games on her profiles.

In one of the popular videos, she shared a food storage hack that received thousands of views and hundreds of comments. 

The video is captioned: “A food storage hack that actually works!” 

Michelle claims that with her hack, people can start storing their fruit for up to a couple of weeks. 

Having purchased the fruit and returned home, Michelle recommends rinsing the fruit – in her case strawberries. 

She then put the berries to dry on a cloth for around 30 minutes.

As a mother of four, Michelle explained how she prefers to cut the stems off the strawberries so they can be easily grabbed as a snack. 

But, if you’re looking to make strawberries last longer than two weeks, she recommends leaving the green stalks on. 

For the strawberries to last the maximum time, the berries need to be thoroughly dry to avoid mould growing. 

The next step is to take a piece of paper towel and cut it in half, putting the first bit at the bottom of a jar. 

Michelle used a large screw-top glass jar, but she explains you can use a plastic one if you prefer because it works just as well.

She then put the cut strawberries in the container, filling it up to the top.

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Before screwing the lid back on, Michalle used the second half of the paper towel to cover the berries which is going to absorb any moist left. 

Finally, store the jar in the fridge where your strawberries will last up to two weeks.

At the end of the video, Michelle shows how she used the same method for vegetables as well, such as carrots and broccoli.

She however makes sure to clarify in the comments that it does not work with every vegetable and fruit, as she has tried this hack with raspberries unsuccessfully.

Looking through the comments of this video, users can find more useful tips on how to store different foods.

As someone named Kelly Lynn explains: “If you soak them in vinegar water for 30 minutes you can chop them up and they stay fresh for over a week”

One called Kimberly Steele820 added: “I do this with block cheese too!”

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