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Join the Kitchn Cooking School! Launching October 7

Have you ever dreamed of going to cooking school? Well, starting October 7 you can — from the comfort of your own kitchen. Our all-new 20-day Cooking School launches Monday, October 7, and we can hardly wait to spend a month doing Cooking School with all of you! Seriously, we are so excited. Here’s what to expect, and how to sign up.

Why Go to Cooking School?

Cooking may be something we all have to do, but it can also be something you love. Turning raw ingredients into a sustaining meal is as close as you can get in daily life to making magic. We cook so our children will grow strong and healthy. We cook to revive our sick neighbors and friends. We cook to woo lovers, celebrate each other’s achievements, and comfort ourselves during setbacks. Cooking can be truly life-changing.

And that’s why we want to see you become the cook you’ve always wanted to be. Whether you’ve been cooking for three months or 30 years, you have the ability to become a little more accomplished, and even more confident in your skills. To help you get there, we’re inviting you to the Kitchn Cooking School.

What Is the Kitchn Cooking School?

Kitchn’s cooking school is 20 days of lessons with video instruction, hosted here on our site and delivered straight to your inbox. These lessons are designed around the things we think cooks actually need to know in 2019 to cook more creatively and have more fun. You’re busy and so are we; we worked to create a rich yet lean and incredibly smart cooking school that teaches you just what you need — no more, no less.

We first offered this program a full five years ago, and have completely rewritten, revamped, and reshot the whole thing to feel fresher and more in-touch with what cooks in 2019 need to learn.

If you sign up, starting on October 7 you’ll receive a lesson in your inbox Monday through Friday, for four weeks. Each lesson will include a daily assignment, as well as ideas for further practice. You can follow along each day — or proceed at your own pace.

How to Join the Kitchn Cooking School

1. Sign up below!

Sign up here for your (daily) ticket to Cooking School. Each weekday throughout October, you’ll receive the day’s lesson in your inbox.

Kitchn Cooking School

2. Assemble your equipment.

You don’t need a textbook, and chances are you have most of the necessary equipment already. But just in case, here is a list of what you need, along with some recommendations in case you are missing anything.

  • Here’s Your Equipment List for Kitchn Cooking School

What to Expect During Cooking School

1. Yes, there will be homework (good homework!).

Look, there’s no way an online cooking course can replace a real, live cooking school (we get this!). Hands-on practice is absolutely essential, and each day we will send you back to your own kitchen to practice, practice, practice with the help of our video lessons. Every day we’ll have assignments to choose between (from easy to more advanced) to help you learn and practice at home — as well as suggestions for going even deeper.

How much time will Cooking School require? If you can commit about 30 to 60 minutes each day of Cooking School, that would be ideal. Or catch up in one big session on the weekends.

2. Showing off is encouraged!

The best part about school is making new friends, right? Here are some ways to make friends, show off your skills, and learn from your fellow classmates.

Remember, as always with school (say this in your gym teacher’s voice, guys), “You only get out what you put in!” We are inviting you to come along on a journey of learning the things we think cooks really need to know in 2019 — leaving the excess, the stuffy, and the overwrought behind. But you’ve gotta put in the work on your end. If you do, we guarantee you will feel like a better cook than ever before.

Kitchn Cooking School launches October 7!

Are you in? Sign up below.

Kitchn Cooking School

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