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James Martin shares recipe for popular Italian dish with ‘a twist’ ahead of Euros final

James Martin cooks his 'Yorkshire twist' Italian ragu

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With England playing Italy in the Euros 2020 final tomorrow, July 11, it seemed only fitting that James Martin cooked an Italian dish on his programme this morning. But to keep in line with the English spirit, the Yorkshireman used local produce to create the meal.

The first dish James cooked in front of viewers today was an iconic Italian dish, but the chef explained he was going to make the meal with a “twist”.

He said: “I’m going to put a Yorkshire spin on a classic Italian ragu.”

First of all, James put some pasta in a pan with hot water and added “plenty” of salt to the water.

He then went on to explain which ingredients you need to make a ragu.

The vegetables James used to make the dish were celery, leek, carrots, onion, and garlic.

Other ingredients included tomatoes, chili, tomato purée, bay leaves, basil, and two different types of meat.

The meat James opted for today were minced beef and sausages, which he said were “easy” to cook a ragu with.

Next, James chopped the vegetables and blended them in the blender.

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The chef put three cloves of garlic in the blender with the rest of the veg.

“We’re going to blend that nice and quickly,” James said.

“Saves you so much time.”

James then added olive oil to a pan and poured in the blended vegetables.

Next, James added a “couple of tablespoons” of tomato purée to the pan.

“Get it in the pan and start to cook it,” James explained.

He then put some bay leaves into the pan and continued to mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon.

The chef went on to add a little red wine and chilli to the mixture.

James explained that making the dish “is quite straightforward”, but it takes time to cook.

The chef then added the meat to the pan, making sure to chop the sausages first.

Tinned tomato sauce was then added to the mixture.

James continued to cook all the ingredients on the stove, mixing everything with a wooden spoon.

The chef recommended cooking the stew for a “couple of hours” before it is ready to eat.

James went on to say that ragu is a very handy dish because it can be put in the freezer and taken out whenever you want.

To serve the stew, James advised adding a bit of pepper, salt, and basil, before adding the pasta into the sauce and mixing both in a pan.

“Finish off the pasta in the sauce,” the chef said.

James plated the stew before pouring extra virgin olive oil, as well as cheese, on the top.

“And there you have it – Yorkshire pasta made with an Italian ragu.”

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