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ICEE Bath Bombs? Sure, Why Not


Self-care is a vague concept that’s all the rage these days. While its definition is inherently personal, common themes include treating one’s self to a sweet, guilty pleasure, or indulging in a relaxing rituals at the end of a long day. 

If you fall into either of those self-care camps, then a new and unexpected product spotted on store shelves is probably worthy of your attention. Specifically, I’m talking about a new set of bath bombs from ICEE, the slushie purveyor of ice-cold sweet drinks. 


This is for all those people that think the flavored hand sanitizers were weird…they also had these @official_icee_co bath bombs at @dollargeneral — how crazy is THIS?!?! . . . #livetheiceelife #icee #frozendrink #dollargeneral #wtf #cherry #lemonade #blueraspberry #notforkids #iceebathbombs #ummm #dadbodsnacks

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As you can see, this branded version of a bath bomb is available in three different “flavors” patterned after the real ICEEs that any normal child has at least something of a nostalgic attachment to: lemonade, cherry, and blue raspberry. Obviously, you DO NOT want to ingest these, as the packaging helpfully warns that these “are not a food product”. But, just like the real ICEEs of those bygone summer days turned your tongue red, yellow, or blue, these things are made to make it appear as if you’re floating in a giant vat of melted sugar water. 

It’s worth pointing out this isn’t the first time that a food/drink company spun off their brand into a very non-edible bath bomb. KFC released a fried chicken bath bomb in Japan a while back. While that offering focused on bringing the smell of chicken to your tub, this feels like a decidedly more visual affair. 

The ICEE bath bomb is a novel idea, but a weird one the more you think about it. I mean, these things were always best when served cold, so plopping one into a bunch of stagnant, hot water doesn’t seem like the ideal fit. Still, if you’re a longtime ICEE head who wants to #LiveTheICEELife, go ahead and plop in that tub. Just don’t give into the urge to drink your own bathwater. 

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