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‘I need this!’ Cadbury set to launch brand-new chocolate bar in the UK – ‘looks amazing’

Cadbury: How their classic Dairy Milk chocolate is made

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Cadbury is constantly changing and updating its chocolate bar range to meet the demands and desires of its fans. The iconic brand has introduced a new never-before-seen chocolate bar, and it is coming soon to the UK.

According to the popular snack reviews Facebook page, Kev’s Snack News & Reviews, a brand-new Cadbury chocolate bar will soon be arriving in the UK.

The bar is the classic Cadbury Twirl, but with a twist.

A limited edition chocolate bar, the Twirl is caramel flavoured.

The snack reviews page posted an image of the new chocolate, alongside a caption which read: “Cadbury Flavour Twirl! Coming out soon in the UK!”

The post was inundated in minutes with over a thousand comments.

Britons expressed their delight at the news, with many saying they can’t wait to get their hands on the new product.

Facebook user Valerie Hammerton wrote: “I soooo want this.”

Danielle Sacha said: “Sounds very nice.”

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Sue Hinkin commented: “I will be looking out for this.”

Julie Gill wrote: “Oooh looks yum yum.”

Michelle Bickham said: “Yummy need to try one of them.”

Casey May Gale added: “It just gets better and better.”

Kirsty Smith tagged her friend in her comment, saying: “I want to try this.”

Claire Cheng added: “We need this!!”

Vicky Aitchison wrote: “These look amazing.”

Kev’s Snack News & Reviews often posts information on new food products that have just launched – or are about to launch – in British supermarkets and food retailers.

The caramel version of Cadbury’s Twirl is not the only chocolate bar fans have expressed excitement for this year.

Last month, Cadbury announced the launch of its first ever vegan chocolate bar.

The Cadbury Plant Bar was introduced to shelves in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK earlier this week, on November 1.

It will then be rolled out to newsagents and other supermarkets across the UK from January onwards.

On hearing the news, fans took to Twitter last month.

One user, Jim Takahasi, wrote: “It’s overdue, what took them so long?”

Another person, Daisy Payne, said: “I can’t wait for this, I hope it tastes amazing.”

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