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Hunt's Just Introduced Its 'Best Ever' Ketchup

Let’s be honest: We all have a ketchup preference. It looks like Hunt’s is trying to appeal to the Heinz crowd ahead of summer grilling season with its new Best Ever Ketchup—a “thicker and richer” version of its original formula.

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The all-natural ketchup is made with vine-ripened California tomatoes and cane sugar, according to a press release.

The company suggests using the sauce with burgers, hot dogs, French fries, and tater tots—you know, your typical ketchup-covered fare—but we can totally see how a thicker bottled ketchup could come in handy for whipping up homemade barbecue sauces and topping meatloaf.

"Hunt's Best Ever will be your go-to ketchup for the summer of 2019 and beyond," said Jill Dexter, Conagra Brands vice president, condiments and enhancers. "Our thickest, richest Hunt's ketchup yet is so delicious, we just had to call it 'Hunt's Best Ever."

Best Ever Ketchup is available at major retailers now in five bottle sizes (14-oz., 20-oz., 28-oz., 38.5 oz., and 62-oz.) and prices range from $1.69 to $4.49.  

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