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How to make gnocchi

TikTok user shares cooking hack for spaghetti and tomato sauce

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Gnocchi is a versatile potato dish and easy to procure from the supermarket. While ready-made gnocchi is delicious alone, people can add sauces and toppings to make it their own. They can also make it from scratch themselves for a more authentic Italian experience.

How to make gnocchi

Gnocchi is a potato-based dish that sees people create compact dumplings.

They take some time to make from scratch but just minutes to cook.

The following recipe taken from BBC Good Food includes the gnocchi only, but people can add a tomato sauce.


  • 1kg of Marfona or King Edward potatoes
  • Three large eggs for beating
  • 300g plain flour or less depending on potato texture


Cooks need to start by lowering whole potatoes into a pan of salted boiling water.

Leave them to simmer for 10 to 15 minutes until soft, and peel them quickly.

Warmer potatoes end up fluffier, allowing people to choose how much flour they want.

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Press the potatoes into a bowl using a mould on a low setting, passing them through twice and onto a work surface.

The second pressing ensures the mix stays lump free and lets in air.

Hollow out the centre of the potato pile and add the egg and flour to blend until soft.

The dough should hold together without sticking, and people can test it by boiling some prototype gnocchi.

Divide the dough into three pieces and roll it into cylinders, keeping the surface floured.

Then cut the dough into 1.5cm chunks which people can make with or without patterning.

Pressing the back of a fork lightly into each piece will create grooves that can catch and hold the sauce.

Cooking requires people to submerge the gnocchi in another pot of boiling salted water for two minutes at a time.

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