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How to cut a mango – the three best methods for perfect mango slices every time

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Mangoes can be enjoyed in everything from smoothies to salsa, but they’re not always the easiest fruit to cut. Whether you want to enjoy small bite size chunks, or large, fleshy slices, there are plenty of different methods that can be used to enjoy every piece of your mango. These are the three best methods for cutting mangos evenly, without wasting a single slice.

How to cut a mango

Mangoes are prized for their tropical flavour and tender texture, but the large inner stone can make them hard to cut before enjoying the juicy fruit.

While peeling the mango is often the easiest part, chopping up the slippery flesh can be a challenge.

There’s no right or wrong way to cut a mango, but there are plenty of clever methods that will make this sweet fruit easier to handle while doing so.

All you need is a sharp knife and a clean chopping board.

Use the ‘hedgehog’ method for even chunks

Cutting your mango into evenly sized cubes is easy to do using the hedgehog method, and it takes no time at all.

You’ll need a firm, ripe mango for this method – so make sure your fruit isn’t too mushy or overripe.

The main objective is to cut the mango along the sides of the pit in order to separate the flesh from the hard stone.

Start by holding the mango with one hand, standing it on its stem side down

Imagine the flat oval pit inside of the fruit, and cut from the top, down the side of the seed.

Repeat this on the other side of the stone to produce three pieces – two halves, and a middle section containing the stone.

Hold the flat rounds with the flesh facing upwards and score the fruit in cross sections – without cutting through the skin.

Peel the segments away from the skin with your fingers or a knife to break off the small chunks.

Now move onto the pitted section and cut in a circular motion around the stone to avoid wasting any of the juicy flesh.

Remove the peel and dice the crescent slices to the same size as your hedgehog chunks.

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Peel and carve for uniform slices

Start by removing the skin of the fruit using a sharp vegetable peeler to reveal the yellow flesh.

Hold the mango so it stands upright and make a firm cut down one side of the stone.

Place the sliced half flat on the chopping board and make thin, even slices across the width of the rounded ‘cheek’ of the fruit.

Repeat on the other side of the pit and slice the other half into similarly sized slithers.

Carefully work around the stone and cut off any excess flesh, slicing into even pieces for a uniform-look.

Peel and slice to ‘julienne’ your mango

This method will achieve fine slithers of mango – perfect for adding to a salad or to enjoy in sweet desserts.

Begin by cutting the mango on either side of the pit and cutting each half into thin slices to create crescent shaped slithers.

Arrange the small slices into stacks, and cut into 1/8inch julienne slices.

This will leave you with flimsy, string-like strips which can be enjoyed straight away

Once both halves have been sliced, work the knife around the pit to remove any excess and cut into the same strips to avoid wasting the fruit.

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