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‘Highly recommend!’ Nando’s ex-employee shares best meal to order off ‘secret menu’

Nando's share their delicious and simple rice bowl recipe

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A former Nando’s employee took to Reddit a couple of months ago and created a thread called ‘I used to work in Nando’s, AMA [ask me anything]’. It was where they shared some insider secrets about how the popular British restaurant chain worked.

Thrwaway2045 who created the thread worked in a restaurant in Scotland. 

As for what the ‘most ordered meal’ was, they shared: “Honestly it was hard to tell but wraps and burgers seemed to be the go-to for most people.” 

And it was Medium that was the ‘most popular spice level’. 

Nando’s, as well as several other fast-food chains, apparently have “secret menus” that the employees order from. 

Thrwaway2045 was asked about this: “What’s the best secret menu you would highly recommend?” 

They revealed: “Peri flamer – kids menu has a bbq sauce called peri tamer which you can order and peri flamer is just that with hot sauce also put on it.” 

Apparently, Peri-Flamer is a combination of Hot and Peri-Tamer (BBQ) sauces. 

The former Nando’s worker also explained how the chicken is cooked, depending on the sauce choice. 

“Well Nando’s chicken comes pre-basted (idk if that’s the word but it comes already in a mild sauce *not the same sauce you can order, just a basic sauce to give it extra flavour. 

“Fun fact, the plain spice option still has spice added) cooked in an oven so that it meets health and safety standards, then brought to the main kitchen,” they said. 

“After that once an order is placed (let’s say for example, a medium spiced half chicken with chips and spicy rice) the half chicken is placed on the front grill and basted with the medium sauce, after about 30 seconds it’s turned 90 degrees so that the grill makes that ‘cross’ that you see on the chicken when it’s brought out to you. 

“Chips are just from the fryer and the rice is microwaved, nothing special really.” 

One popular dessert Nandos offers is their bottomless frozen yoghurt. 

They say it is “the perfect end to a spicy feast” and is available in vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or mango. 

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Someone asked the ex-employee: “Why was the froyo so good? Was there a secret to the recipe, or am I just easily pleased?” 

Thrwaway2045 said: “Honestly I have very little memory of it, I think the machine either never worked during my time there or we just sold so little of it! 

“I have heard good things – it’s all premade and was delivered to the restaurants so I couldn’t tell you the secret to the recipe.” 

In terms of employee discount, Thrwaway2045 said: “40 percent discount on weekdays and 25 percent on weekends, only valid on days you aren’t working however we always just did it anyway because the managers were super nice and allowed it. 

“Any shift we worked (whether it was 10 hours or 4 hours) we got an allowance of roughly £9 (give or take) which covered any main and two sides (this could also be exchanged for anything on the menu excluding a few pricier items, so if we just wanted chips and rice or £9 worth of pineapple slices that’s fine too – before anyone asks no we could exchange for actual money instead of food.” 

As for keeping tips, the ex-employee explained: “Worked there like 5 months and got £30 from tips after a couple of months. 

“The UK isn’t a country that tips a lot, especially at ‘casual dining’ chain restaurants like Nando’s.” 

Express.co.uk has contacted Nando’s media office for comment and clarification. 

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