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Hidden Valley Has New Holiday Merch for the Ranch Obsessives In Your Life


Ranch dressing: it’s either a savory, buttermilk-y nectar of the gods. Those who love ranch, love it with an intensity reserved for few other foods (at least some of which can also be dipped in ranch). In fact, you could say that some ranch lovers without ready access to napkins tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to their favorite dipping sauce disguised as a salad dressing.


Now, they can also wear their love of ranch on their sleeves in a different way, thanks a whole ho-ho-host of holiday-themed ranch merch sold by Hidden Valley. The same company who once sold a ranch keg has stocked up with all sorts of ranch-oriented ugly Christmas (and Hanukkah) sweaters, not to mention onesies, winter beanies, and socks that place bottles of the creamy nectar into seasonal and yuletide scenes. There’s no shortage of ranch-oriented “drip” as the youths these days are fond of saying.

If you’re ranch-obsessed but worry that declaring it via clothing would mess with your (or your gift recipient’s) aesthetic, there are plenty of other options. Pick up a holiday throw pillow or blanket to ensconce yourself in creamy comfort. Let your cup runneth over with ranch thanks to a holiday mug that reminds us to dip, eat & be merry. Or put your adoration for the white dipping sauce in writing with a series of ranch-themed holiday cards, sure to be regarded as a welcome break from the deluge of family photos for those receiving season’s greetings.

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But the piece de resistance HAS to be the ranch-filled stocking, which is literally what it says it is. Think of it as a festive-looking, spigoted bag of wine, except, you know, filled with something you could put on a salad without getting kicked out of a restaurant. I can already picture games of “Slap the stocking of ranch” taking place at holiday parties across the country.

So if anyone in your life has ever gone on an impassioned rant about why pizza should be dipped in ranch and/or threatened to stab you with a fork over your preference for dousing wings in blue cheese, Hidden Valley’s ranch shop is the only place you’ll want to shop for them this holiday season. Just try not to take it personally if they’re bummed out you couldn’t get them that ranch keg.

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