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Hefty Is Launching 'Talking Trash Bags' for Millennials

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With the UN Climate Summit taking place this week, many of us are probably thinking harder than normal about how the trash we create contributes to the harmful effects of climate change. Well, this latest “product innovation” from Hefty won’t necessarily do anything to save the planet, but at least your overcrowded local landfill will be on fleek.

That’s because Hefty is making a line of “Talking Trash” bags, which feature a variety of clever quips that are equal parts trash disposal and pithy jokes. They’re pretty much functionally identical to Hefty’s existing line of Ultra Strong™ trash bags, but with an extra dash of humor that will either entertain or confuse your neighbors.

Each of the 20 different 13-gallon bags will feature a unique phrase, ranging from self-deprecating humor like “full of hopes & dreams” and “feeling like garbage today” to the witty “same time next week?” to “I’ve got 99 problems but trash ain’t one” and “swiped left,” among others.

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The bags appear to be an attempt to lure a younger crowd into buying Hefty brand bags. Reynolds Consumer Products senior brand manager Jen Varela at least explains the rationale a bit: “The Hefty brand enjoys bringing both strength and humor to our consumers, so we wanted to create a product that showed off our personality and gave consumers something to smile about while taking out the trash,” she said in a press release.


Thankfully, you won’t have to pay extra to get your hands on this unique manifestation of literal trash humor. They’re available in limited quantities at Heftycostslessthanglad.com (I didn’t know you could troll business rivals with a URL like that) on a first-come first-served basis.


So if you ever felt like taking out the trash was missing some much-needed humor, you’re in luck. Just make sure to use these to recycle some things every now and then, too.  

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